Contemporary Living Space

Elevating your living space with a contemporary touch

Project information:

  • Name: Contemporary Living Space
  • Architects: DBS
  • Year: 2023
  • Project: Housing 
  • Area:  200m2 
  • Design & Construction Costs: 1,4 billion VND

Contemporary Living Space is a project that aims to combine the function of a design studio with the living space of a young artist couple. Brought together the characteristics of a contemporary home, the design is bespoke and unique with a stand-out hologram effect.

This bold design expresses such a statement for its owner by using special hologram materials which exclusively developed and implemented by DBS.


The project is located in a hustle suburban area with a quite conventional vibe.
This design is a breakthrough in such commonplace, as it brings out the couple’s character through a reckless, intrepid approach as well as keeps it inviting, cozy, and inspirational for the house owner.

DBS’s design attempted to convey the personality of the two young homeowners through contemporary aesthetics and architectural language, with streamlining lines and shapes, and an ingenious blend of colors.
With minimalism, yet strong and distinguishing language, Contemporary Living Space is a hallmark – a residential space that filled with charisma for the two young artists.

Not only is the exterior of the building delicately cared for, but each of the corners of the interior space is as well, as though expressing the homeowner’s comprehensive lifestyle and personality.

The living room introduces a palette of gentle color tones, which were ideal for sparking intimate conversations and meaningful connections along with the hustle and bustle of city life.

The kitchen is such a charm with bold lines and material choices. This area is intended to hold the spirit where two young homeowners wanted to spend their night chic parties and greet their friends.

The bedroom has a modest design – a private living area intended to fully express the personal style.

The simplicity and spaciousness of the design make space for the two homeowners to experiment and be playful with their artwork.

With the Contemporary Living Space, DBS wants to express through an architectural language that can tell the stories of the owners.




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