Hidden HOLO.Bar

A hidden space concealing alluring vibrant colors

Project information:

  • Name:  Hidden Holo.Bar
  • Architects: DBS
  • Year:  2023
  • Project: Commercial / F&B / Bar
  • Area:   2000m2 
  • Design & Construction Costs: For additional information, please contact DBS.

In a boring area, hidden among old-styled rental buildings, the multicolored pavilion catches attention and excites the curiosity of everyone. That colorful block is the entrance to an enigma bespoke bar named “Hidden Holo Bar”. The distinctive characteristic of this hidden bar’s design is its impressively unique shades of striking color. “Hidden Holo Bar” is an ideal drink-enjoying space for those interested in discreteness, luxury, and mystery.


The Hidden Holo Bar’s entrance is designed like a pavilion erected beside the former apartment building. This entryway offers an eye-catching focal point attracting curiosity with its distinctive holographic vibrant colors and lighting as Hidden Holo Bar’s signature, to welcome the guests to step into an unpredictable and interesting experience journey forward. 

After passing through the lobby and entering the elevator that takes one to the fourth floor of the building, one is met with a completely different space when the elevator door opens. A long hallway with captivating lighting and colors that grab your attention and lead to intriguing things beyond.

As you turn at the end of the hallway, Hidden Holo Bar’s main lobby comes into your view. The interior of the space is opulent, and luxurious, and creates a striking statement by using typical hologram material. The bar space is made more lively, novel, and attractive by changeable hologram color lighting featured on the dim dark background. 

Turn to another more discreet hallway that leads to the VIP bar area. “VIP” 1 is a bespoke bar that is created to meet the unique needs and specific tastes of the customer. The bar design is made with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, to produce a one-of-a-kind space with customized pieces of decor. For very special guests, “VIP 1” offers a powerful impression, privacy atmosphere, and a high-end, elegant experience.

For VIP visitors, VIP HOLO Bar 2 delivers a more sumptuous option. This venue is perfect for special  meetings or events because it is spacious and private. It also has a charming as well as classy decoration.

Special hologram materials exclusively developed by DBS are used in this design to achieve the core concept and hallmarks of the Hidden HOLO. Bar. When visitors experience this space, Hidden HOLO Bar will make an unforgettable impression due to its unique features.



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