COlOrful StudiO

Bring a contemporary aesthetic to your living space

Project information:

  • Name: COlOrful StudiO
  • Architects: DBS
  • Year: 2023
  • Project: Studio House
  • Area:  120m2 
  • Design & Construction Costs: 1 billion VND

Colorful StudiO is a residential project designing a studio house for a young artist with real style and individuality. The studio’s space has a contemporary, minimalist style with a unique, impressive hologram color scheme.

Colorful StudiO was designed based on the strong personality and free lifestyle of its owner. Using hologram panels as the proprietary material designed and provided by DBS allows the space to fully express the artistic personality of this young owner.

The Studio’s space – the integrated apartment is designed with many open and interconnected spaces which become very suitable for the liberal lifestyle of a young owner.

The open kitchen zone combines living and dining space with a unique color scheme, synchronized with the exterior, showing a consistent style and strong impression.

The bathroom is also designed to be open and unique according to the homeowner’s wishes. Since the bathtub is a place for relaxation and entertainment, and is also one of the most important spaces for the owner. So she wants  it to become the highlight of the house.

The spacious, streamlined bedroom with outstanding colors matches the owner’s desire for a unique private space with mysterious nuances and attractive highlights.

As an artist, the homeowner has high standards for the appearance of the building. Therefore, DBS and the homeowner have invested a great amount of time experimenting with numerous options in order to select the most satisfying design.

The goal of DBS’s COlOrful StudiO design is to reveal the owner’s lifestyle and character through its utilization of an architectural language.

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