De’ Colore Villa

The Space of colors

Project information:

  • Name: De’ Colore Villa
  • Architects: DBS
  • Year: 2023
  • Project: Housing 
  • Area:  200m2 
  • Design & Construction Costs: 1,6 billion VND

De’ Colore Villa is a contemporary, minimalist, stylish, and elegant villa project. The design used a distinctive color scheme with unique hologram panel material. Therefore, the villa reflects the youthful style, modern aesthetic, and the love of the art of a family consisting of a newlywed couple getting ready for the imminent birth of their twins.


The owners of the house are attracted to the delicacy and creativity of blending a variety of colors, especially between pink and blue, between cool and warm tones. Thus, the color palettes utilized in the design were experimented with numerous options and painstakingly chosen in order to give the owner a pleasant house appearance.


The living room was pleasant and elegant and was perfect for a variety of activities of their small family. Nonetheless, there were plenty of attractive highlights owing to the warm, stunning hologram color of the wall.

In this lovely and cozy kitchen, their little families would enjoy spending time preparing and enjoying meals together.

In addition, the house’s female owner had an intense passion for cooking and creating new recipes. She was a vlogger who had produced numerous videos about nutrition and cuisine on her YouTube channel. Therefore, the kitchen was made to be spacious, functionally effective, and aesthetically appealing. Not only does she record her vlogs here, but she also holds her intimate gatherings with friends here on the weekends when they explore new recipes and enjoy new experiences.

Not only is the master bedroom attractive and elegant, but it also brings family members a sense of warmth, tenderness, and intimacy.

A unique aspect within the De’ Colore Villa’s design is bringing out the homeowner’s character through using unique hologram color material developed and supplied by DBS.




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